Businesses typically recover up to 30% or more of their initial phone budgets. Our services allow you to both increase data security and create a new revenue stream. 

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Our phone donation program is a turn-key solution allowing your organization to focus on what matters most. Our free service allows you to generate additional funding without any extra work.

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Selling your phone is a snap. We work to provide the absolute best prices for your phone and have created a special pricing structure to maximize your return.  

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Over 80% of cell phones purchases in the U.S. simply replace existing phones.  This means that 150 million cell phones are “retired” each year, never to be used again.  Across the country, we have nearly 1 billion phones unaccounted for.  These are often discarded into drawers or landfills, which wastes their remaining value or adds toxic, heavy metals to our natural environment.
Meanwhile, the market for refurbished cell phones continues to expand.  As developing countries continue to go to wireless, the need for cheaper handsets is growing.  This is especially true in those countries where the internet infrastructure is poor quality and expensive to access.  Here, people not only use their cell phones to call each other, but they use them to engage in business, banking, and as a computer alternative.
By donating or selling your used cell phone, you are not only helping the world become a little more green, you are creating a little extra cash for a great organization.  We like to refer to this as the Green Green Solution.


Green Green Cellular was created to provide logistical and managerial support to both corporations as well as non-profits in order to help them achieve maximum profitability from all fund raising efforts. This site is dedicated to helping organizations create, implement, and manage phone collection and donation programs across the United States.

We pride ourselves on providing clients an easy, profitable and responsible solutions to securing data, recovering wireless assets and safeguarding the environment.  When the right environmental action also generates profits, you have what we have termed, “A Green Green Solution.”